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Our main objective is to help businesses, whether big or small, to create a successful email marketing campaign. We have compiled huge email lists UK that can be used by various businesses to market their products and services. Below are some of the best features of our email lists UK.

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Why Email Marketing with Mailing Lists UK?

Email marketing is by far the most efficient way to communicate with prospective new customers. Although there are a lot of different methods of direct marketing known today, email marketing is still the best option for big or small businesses to reach their new customers. Some of the best advantages of email marketing are:

  • Email marketing is much less expensive and labor efficient compared to other forms of direct marketing. No need of knocking on doors, printing papers, giving out flyers or spending lots of money to buy envelopes and stamps.
  • It’s really easy to monitor click-troughs and responses by sending emails in order to track the success of your marketing campaign accurately.
  • When you send an email, it will reach the target instantly. This means you can set your marketing campaign around or during events and promotions.
  • Email is considered as one of the main communication channels nowadays, so most people actually check their emails several times a day.
  • With the right email lists, you can laser target your audience and offer products or services to those who really need them and would likely to take those offers.

So it’s clear that email marketing is a highly efficient direct marketing method that can help to take your business to the next level. However, in order to have a huge success in your email marketing, you need the right email lists, and if you want to market your products or services in the UK market, you clearly need high quality email lists UK, which is exactly what we are here for.

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Business to Business Lists

A good email marketing list is the one that is tailored to your needs. So if your products or services are aiming towards businesses, then what you need are business to business lists. We have a huge collection of business to business lists with comprehensive information such as company size, location, activity, email addresses for specific job titles, and more. These information will help you reach the right individuals and personalize your messages.

Business Email List by SIC Code

We categorize our Email Lists UK based on region, industry, business niche and SIC code. These categories will make it easier for you to find the right email lists UK to market your products or services. Specify your target audiences, then just choose the right email lists from our collection to reach them and start your email marketing campaign.

European & USA Email Lists

All European and USA Email Marketing Lists can be purchased from our other website. Please visit http://emailmarketingdatabase.net for more details. You can also request a sample of 500 email addresses for each database you are interested in. Some email lists such has Australia Email List has good success and conversion rate. You can test a sample and purchase full data If you find it useful for your niche. Moreover, you can also get free support.

Business to Consumer Lists

Are you targeting regular customers? We got you covered. Our Business to Consumer lists don’t only contain email addresses, but also other helpful information like personal interests, hobbies, purchasing behavior, address, and more. You can personalize your messages based on this information and avoid your emails being marked as spams.

Free After Sale Support

There is a huge number of email lists UK providers out there, just by performing a simple search in Google for the keywords “Email Lists UK” you will get more than 200 million search results. Unfortunately, not many of these providers can actually offer high quality email lists. A lot of these providers just have old lists with many inactive email addresses and no longer accurate information, like people who have already moved but still listed with their old addresses, etc. Here, we regularly update our email lists so we can be sure that we only provide the most current information and minimize inaccuracy.

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